Home remedies for foot blisters 9 EASY IDEAS!

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Forget about blisters forever! Learn with these home remedies for foot blisters how to solve your little painful problem.

When we talk about blisters on our feet they can appear on the toes, heels or the soles of the feet. It is the rubbing that gives rise to these painful, fluid-filled blisters.

When the temperature rises then the feet swell and sweat by rubbing against the shoes or between the toes and blisters appear.

If you are wondering how best to avoid blisters you should first make sure that the shoes you wear whether it is shoes like sandals or other closed shoes as well as sports shoes when playing sports are suitable.

It is recommended that the shoes you use have a bit of slack so that when your foot swells due to the temperature these do not have friction as they will expand inside the shoe.

That is why the size of the shoes and the model is important when choosing them, especially when we are going to buy these shoes.

How to get rid of blisters

To get rid of the blisters and treat them it is best not to explode it, that is, simply cover it with a bandage without pressing it so that it never breaks and the liquid comes out. This is recommended by most professionals.

At no time should you remove the skin or cut it entirely as you could create another very large infection and it would take much longer to heal also it would hurt for many more days and it would cost you to walk.

Something you can do to get rid of the blister that is not said by doctors but is an advice or a practice that some people carry out is the fact of locating exactly the blister and in the place where the skin is thinner and we know for sure that underneath is the liquid we can make a cut of less than one millimetre approximately with the tip of the scissors as a point and extract the liquid with a clean handkerchief by pressing on the bubble and then proceed to put a bandage on the area so that the skin does not move and in a few days we will achieve that the blister is almost healed.

This way you'll be able to walk faster and speed up the process of removing blisters from your feet.

But you can always be sure where you are going to cut the point if in the exact place where the blister is so as not to hurt yourself. If the blister hurts too much or you think it is dangerous to cut it, you can go to a specialist.

Home remedies for foot blisters

We are going to tell you about a series of home remedies that today can help you heal your blisters faster and get back on your feet, easily:

  1. Use the natural gel of aloe vera

    We are lucky that many people have an aloe vera plant in our home and aloe vera has the capacity to be a natural anti-inflammatory and can eliminate swelling and keep the skin moist so it will heal faster on its own.

  2. Use apple cider vinegar

    You can wet the blister with apple vinegar, you are sure it will not sting, but it is anti-bacterial and helps prevent infection once the blister is opened.

  3. Underarm deodorant is also an option

    It looks like an option you didn't see coming but underarm ball deodorant is a good option to prevent blisters on your feet when wearing sandals or even when wearing closed shoes and doing sport. What you need to do is use calendar-erased antiperspirant deodorant because it creates a protective film around weak areas where blisters tend to occur.

  4. Use anti-rash cream

    Your children's baby cream when they were young can also help. This is a cream with zinc oxide which will prevent infections in the area and thus prevent the creation of new blisters on your feet.

  5. Black tea is effective

    Black tea is presented as another option among the home remedies for foot blisters point is very useful because applying black tea on the affected area will help to relieve the pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties but green tea will also serve as an alternative in case you do not have black tea.

  6. Use the toothpaste

    Toothpaste is within your reach and can also prevent pain by eliminating it so you don't have to suffer. And normally the toothpaste is a good secret to palliate the pain of the grains or the sores and also it is used for the blisters and that it is dry so that it accelerates the healing of the same ones.

  7. Use an egg on your blisters

    Within home remedies for foot blisters we can know that a broken egg works as it will relieve the pain of your blisters. It is a very natural and cheap option that you can use.

  8. Tea tree also solution

    The tea tree is a natural essence that helps us to solve most of our skin problems. In this case you can use a tea tree oil cream that has antibacterial properties and will help you dry the blister although you should be careful because it can irritate your skin.

  9. Soak your feet in salt water

    Perhaps the home remedy for foot blisters you've heard most about today. A saltwater bath on your feet will wipe away sweat and help heal your blisters. So try it today and forget about the pain of blisters.

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