Become an Amazon Locker Location[How to do it?]

Written by Olalla, from PERLAICA DIY. Information, tips and tutorials 'Do it yourself'.

Make your premises an Amazon pìckup point and start earning money by receiving Amazon packages in your business to earn money and give use to that space in your premises that you are not using.

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces where they sell products of all themes and it is for this reason and for its good execution and sales characteristics that customers rely on this marketplace both in Spain and in many other countries. This gives rise to orders constantly every day in all parts of the geography of Spain. It is for this reason that they need to speed up deliveries to users and the Amazon collection points are born..

If you have ever said "I want to be an Amazon collection point"you should know that you can join them regardless of your business activity and thus earn extra money that adds to your monthly business income. Even without doing extra work because being a collection point is automated.

I want to become an Amazon collection point how do I do it?

Start your paperwork today. Find out all the information you need to become an Amazon collection point.

To be an Amazon collection point is to allow users to come to your business premises to collect their packages. It is known that in Amazon there are two types of order management, those managed by Amazon and those sent by sellers.

These are shipments managed by Amazon whose products remain in the warehouses because they are Amazon's own or from other sellers who have joined the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) programme and therefore it falls to Amazon employees to pack them for shipment with Amazon's official boxes and they are responsible for ensuring that the shipment arrives correctly to the customer. This Amazon handling process is referred to as Amazon Prime where customers pay an annual fee for free shipping.

Amazon Prime delivery drivers are freelancers who join the Amazon Flex programme to deliver or drop off orders at Amazon Pickup Points that may be hosted by your shop.

The Amazon Pickup Points have what is called Amazon Hub or Amazon Locker which are large cabinets with automated lockers where the customer only has to pass the barcode of the pdf of their mobile phone through the reader of these Amazon Locker so that the corresponding locker where their order is located opens. That is why the collection is automated in a simple way and the owner of the premises or workers do not need to spend extra time worrying about it.

How to be an Amazon pick-up point?

First and foremost, before you sign up to be chosen as an Amazon pick-up point, you must have at least 5 square metres of free space in your premises in order to be able to house the Amazon Locker in that space. Normally, spaces such as hotels, petrol stations, very large halls, etc. are chosen.

Fill in the Amazon form with all the details of your business and you will be evaluated by Amazon to install to Locker in your business.

Amazon Loker returns are made through Correos or Celeritas Points so you don't have to manage returns either. If you are wondering How much they pay to be a Celeritas point the fee is 40 cents per order picked up and you can become a Celeritas point even if you are a smaller business by simply filling out the Celeritas Point form. Celeritas form also with your business details.

As you can see, joining Amazon as a pick-up point is very simple and you only need to be accepted into the programme. Alternatively you can be a Celeritas point if your business is small or if you are rejected as an Amazon Locker..