How to become a Wish Collection Point? Unite Your Business] Everything you need to know

Written by Olalla, from PERLAICA DIY. Information, tips and tutorials 'Do it yourself'.

Get extra money in your shop. If you would like to add a line of business to your business by being a Wish collection point, it's time to get down to work and in this article you will find out everything you need to make it happen.

Wish is a mobile application that invites us to buy low-cost products of all kinds from China at low prices, but where other businesses from all over the world can also sell their products.

It is an online shop that is becoming more and more famous every day and is very similar to Aliexpress, so every day more and more customers are buying from this online shop at low prices. However, in contrast to Aliexpress, which currently has no Wish collection points, it does not offer the possibility of adding our store to its map of Wish collection points.

What is a Wish collection point?

A collection point is nothing more than a place that is dedicated to storing those products that a delivery person brings to it while waiting for a customer to come and pick them up with the appropriate receipt. A collection point earns money for storing these products and delivering them to the customer. A collection point can earn around 20 to 50 cents per order handled.

Advantages of being a Wish collection point

Among the advantages of participating in the Wish collection point programme is the fact that we will be able to attract new customers to our store much more quickly than if we were to do it with our own products. This is because the customers who come to collect their orders will know about our products and will probably buy them again because they were previously unaware of the shop.

On the other hand, it allows businesses to interact more informally with customers, strengthening customer relations and building a good business reputation with the public.

In addition, we can also earn additional money each month to help us pay for some modest business expenses, for example, although it is true that the more orders we handle, the more money we earn, so it is good to be courteous when delivering orders to customers so that they will choose us again as a collection point to pick up their parcels.

Disadvantages of being a Wish collection point

However, the disadvantage of being a Wish collection point, just like being a collection point for any other type of company, is that it costs us time to handle the orders, which we could perhaps spend on other tasks. However, being a Wish collection point is a very light job that will give us guaranteed money.

How to become a Wish collection point

Before you start the process of joining the Wish collection point programme, you need to know what Wish local is. Wish uses this term to refer to the collaboration it has with private businesses around the world that want to collect the orders that customers buy on its website within a 5 kilometre radius.

On the other hand Wish local is also called the program that Wish has that allows small businesses to buy their products that they sell wholesale and if they ring those who resell them.

And even Wish local allows you to sell products through their website so there are many options that Wish local has but this time we will focus on how you can be a Wish pick up point.

  1. Register on the website. Start by filling in the form on the Wish website to join the Wish local programme with all your local details so that you can be contacted later and added to the list of Wish pick up points in your location and you will appear on the map for customers in your area to pick up orders from your shop.

  2. Get the merchandising. Wish will send you a sticker to place in your shop window so that customers who pick up orders from your shop tomorrow will know that they are in the right place and that you are a Wish collection point.

  3. Install the Wish app. The Wish app will help you to scan the orders you receive and scan the codes your customers present to you to deliver their ordered products.

  4. Keep space for the products. It is optimal that you have a space in your shop to store the products brought to you by the Wish deliverers to keep them in good condition until the customers come to collect them.

  5. Mark the products that your customers take away. You can't forget that when a customer arrives and you have to scan the product with the Wish app, otherwise you won't get your money at the end of the month, this is very important.

Finally you are ready to start being a Wish collection point. As you can see it's a very simple process that will lead you to earn some extra money per month and pay for your business expenses. Get started and make some easy money with Wish collection points.