Create your own clothing brand How to do it? [Almost Free]

Written by Olalla, from PERLAICA DIY. Information, tips and tutorials 'Do it yourself'.

Do you already know the secret? Do you know how to create your own clothing brand, even if you don't have any money? Discover today the keys you need to create your own clothing brand at zero cost.

You should know that how to start your own clothing brand without investment is not something that is often talked about on the internet or in society in general. This is because starting a business at zero cost is very complicated and requires a lot of imagination.

But since we love fashion and our money is very limited, I'll tell you that we've given a lot of thought to how to create your own brand at zero cost or with an investment that leaves you no more than 50 euros for sure. That's why today we bring you this article.

Create your clothing brand without money

The secret to create a clothing brand without spending money is to start selling on the Internet and sell clothes from home following these steps that we will explain now:

  • Start by selling things

    To create a free clothing brand, you can start by selling your second-hand clothes online, selling things you no longer need that were given to you as gifts, or asking your closest friends and family if they have clothes in their wardrobe that they no longer wear and asking them to donate them. However, if none of these things happen, you can sell any old mobile phones or computers you have.

    Ideally, you should start selling these second-hand clothes on a second-hand clothes selling website or a second-hand clothes shop and earn at least three hundred euros, which you will need to start your business.

  • Make money

    Building a clothing brand without money is complicated. However, with the first money you get from selling clothes or second-hand items that we have discussed above. It's time to use that money for two things: investing in advertising and buying merchandise.

    Since you want to create a clothing brand without money, you should forget about buying a website, that will make you lose even more money when you start. This way, you can save your money for buying products and advertising by using a third party platform for selling.

  • Buy merchandise to sell

    You need merchandise to start selling, and the most cost-effective way to do this is to buy clothes from oriental countries such as Aliexpress or get clothes from flea markets. You can also opt for second-hand clothes and have them altered and customised to your liking. It is also important to focus on one market. Choose your niche: accessories, shoes, accessories, sportswear, dresses, bikinis,...

    Invest little money in your merchandise and test if it sells until you confirm it and then you can buy even more merchandise to keep selling.

    Don't overspend too much as you may run out of clothes to sell. And since you will have to pay a lot more when you register as an entrepreneur, it is important to take it slow and steady.

    Remember to add your profit margin to the selling price of each garment or item. The cheaper the product the more profit margin you will be able to integrate, as long as it matches the appearance of the garment.

  • Choose your platform to sell your clothes on

    You will sell products on platforms such as Etsy and Ebay. All you have to do is upload your product, enter an image, a description and a price, which may or may not include shipping. You can then sell your products and eventually create your own online clothing brand.

    Finally you can also opt for second-hand clothing sales platforms, such as Atuendi, and promote them thanks to social networks. Gumroad is also a platform that will allow you to sell physical products.

  • Advertise your clothing brand

    It is strongly recommended that you use Instagram to post photos of your clothes, if possible take photos of them on a person. You can also use that leftover money to make ads on Instagram. Use fashion Facebook groups to talk about your brand. You need to be consistent and upload content that you can schedule so that you don't have to keep an eye on these social networks.

  • Choose a shipping company for your clothing brand

    We're getting into a bit of a quagmire here. Shipping is a complex issue and you need to be on top of it to make sure your products arrive safely. So to create your clothing brand without money and successfully this is one of the most important steps, if the garments do not arrive the customers will not be satisfied.

    Choose a shipping company and as you are just starting out, choose the cheapest and most reputable. Pack your products in sturdy shipping bags and brand them with a handmade stamp.

  • Every time you make a shipment, give the user the tracking number of the orders. Do not forget to include in the shipping price the shipping costs of the product offering free shipping. You can also put the shipping price outside the price of the product. All shipping costs are paid by the customer and are different depending on the destination.

  • Keep an eye on returns

    Be clear that you must have a returns policy. That minimum must be 14 days and in most countries we are obliged to offer them therefore, unless your products are susceptible to hygiene such as earrings or swimwear (which can not be returned) you must give or return period or make it clear somewhere if they can be returned.

    To accept a return it should normally be because something has gone wrong in the shipment, or you have made a mistake in size or item and you have to refund the customer.

If you have found these tips useful to create a clothing brand without money continue reading the rest of the tips on the blog where you will find many tips and information that will help you to sell more and better.