How to make felt from Wool [Easy] Needle Felting

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Learn how to make Needle Felting from sheep's wool! With this simple step-by-step tutorial you will be able to create felting from normal wool to create all your crafts in a simple and economical way.

To do the Felting technique and learn how to make Sheep Wool felt we must have combed wool. You can buy this combed wool here.

You may realise that makers who love to make things by hand like to experiment and therefore the more different colours of worsted yarn we have the better. This can increase the price of buying worsted yarn a lot, so we have the option of creating the worsted yarn ourselves.

That is, combing the wool to the same state as the worsted wool you buy.

WARNING! When you comb wool, hair particles are emitted into the air which may not even be visible, this can affect you if you have allergies or rhinitis. In this case make one of a mask. You can also buy the wool already combed.

How to make sheep's wool felt

To make sheep's wool felt just follow these simple steps:

  1. Get the materials

    The materials to make your hand combed wool are:

    - Wool of the colour you are going to use.
    - Dog comb for combing the wool.
    - A piece of strong cardboard.
    - Scissors.
    - Hair iron.

    - Frame hoop or any other element.

    - Hair tie or rubber band.

    How to make felt from Wool
  2. Prepare the wool manually


    The first thing to do is to take the wool and wrap it around your hoop or any other object and twist it around quite a few times. The more turns the more combed wool you will get.

    How to make felt from Wool

    Then pull the skein of wool out of the ring. And cut the skein at one end as shown in the picture.

    How to make felt from Wool

    After cutting the skein of wool, grab the yarn at the top and hold them tightly together with a hair tie to help keep the yarns in place while combing the wool.

    How to make felt from Wool

    Now it's time to comb the wool, but first, if you want to speed up the combing process, the trick is to use the hair iron and pass it repeatedly over the wool at a high temperature (about 180º).

    How to make felt from Wool

    You will see how the wool becomes smoother and the curl of each yarn tends to be easier to comb, so we will not have to spend so much time to get a wool for the Felting technique.

    How to make felt from Wool

    It's time to take your dog brush and start combing the wool. Grab the strands of wool to the left of the knot with your hand and from top to bottom start combing the wool.

    How to make felt from Wool
  3. Start with the Felting


    When you have combed several times you will see that you will find fluff from the wool on the comb, which is what will be used for the Felting technique.

    How to make felt from Wool

    Remove this fluff from the brush from the sides without touching the top of the wires. Try to make a ball out of this fluff to make it easier to do the Felting technique.

    How to make felt from Wool

    Take your felting foam, which you can find in any bazaar (find it here) in addition to your felting needle (find it here) and place this sort of ball on top of the paper on top of your shape-making foam or on top of your cork ball, or whatever you want to do needle felting on. With the felting needle, begin to pick at the wool on the paper until the wool fluff is as tight as possible to the surface.

    How to make felt from Wool

    Finally, you just need to cover the whole piece and when it is complete, lift it off the paper. With that you have your piece created.

As you can see, you have already learned how to make needle felting in a simple and easy way. You can also see that the needle felting technique is really easy and very entertaining. If you found this article entertaining and useful, remember that you will find many more articles like this one on our blog. See you in the next one!

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