How to make Rag Dolls - Easy and Cute [Tutorial Step by step]

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In half an hour! Learn how to make easy and beautiful rag dolls in half an hour or less. With this tutorial we explain how to make your rag doll in a simple way.

Making rag dolls is a great way to get started in the world of sewing or handicrafts. If you learn how to make rag dolls, easy and pretty you can make dolls for your daughters or nieces, and give them gifts at a really cheap price or you can even sell them to your loved ones.

I recommend you to read this basic article that provides you with the necessary pillars to get started in the world of Cloth Rag Dolls and start to let your creativity fly.

How to make easy and beautiful rag dolls

The Cloth Rag Dolls are handmade dolls made using cloth as the main material. As an alternative to rag dolls you should know that there are amigurumi dolls and dolls made of felt. Whether you are better at cloth rag dolls, amigurumi dolls or felt dolls will depend on your natural handicraft skills.

Assuming you want to start making rag dolls out of cloth, here are the steps you need to follow to do so:

  1. Get the materials you need to make rag dolls

    The materials needed to make easy and beautiful rag dolls are varied and will depend a lot on what you want to make, but broadly speaking these are the materials you will need:

    Remember that these are the basic materials. You can change some for others or add many more depending on how you decide to make your rag dolls.

    - Heat erasable pen: the pen that is erased by applying heat with an iron is necessary because you need to mark the body of your rag doll and then erase these lines.

    - Clothes iron: you can opt for a large iron or a smaller clothes iron. It will help you to smooth the fabric and erase pen marks.

    - Fabric for the doll's body: the body of your doll should be made of fabric, so you can choose the colour of the fabric for the skin that you like best.

    - Cloth for the clothes: if you are going to make your rag doll's clothes out of cloth you need to buy fabrics of different colours, you can buy them on the Internet or at flea markets.

    - Fabric scissors: fabric scissors will help you to easily cut whatever you need to cut.

    - Fabric glue: for gluing the hair of your rag doll and other elements, fabric glue is a great ally.

    - Hair, wool o combed wool: you need to get doll hair, wool or combed wool to make your rag doll's hair.

    - Needle and various threads: the thread and needle is absolutely necessary to sew your doll and to sew your clothes.

    - Sewing machine or hand sewing skills: you can sew your wrist and all its elements by hand or with a sewing machine.

    - Plush stuffing: Plush stuffing is essential to bring your rag doll to life.

    - Textile paint for the face: the textile paint will be used to paint your doll's eyes.

  2. Create your pattern for making rag dolls

    You must first have a pattern, i.e. the paper figure of your doll's body containing its body, arms and legs. If you want your doll to be able to sit and bend its arms, you will have to make the arms and legs separately to attach them to the body.

    You can create your pattern by drawing by hand or on a computer. Let your creativity run wild and trace the body of your doll on a sheet of paper. Remember to put a face on it and then trace it.

  3. Mark your pattern on fabric, create the face and sew it on

    Grab your fabric for the skin of the doll and with the textile erasable pen mark the silhouette cut out from your pattern that you have made on a sheet of paper in the previous step. Before sewing your doll, paint the face that you must have traced from your paper pattern.

    Sew all the parts of your doll together leaving a hole to fill with stuffing.

  4. Stuff the body of the doll

    Use a pencil or scissors to push the stuffing in. The more stuffing you add, the stiffer your doll will be, and the harder it will probably be to get it to sit down. It depends on your rag doll template though.

    How to make Rag Dolls
  5. Sew the body of the doll

    Fit the legs and arms to your doll by hand or machine sewing. Remember that the more times you do this, the better your rag doll is likely to look.

    How to make Rag Dolls
  6. Dress it up

    To make your doll's clothes you must also start from a pattern that fits the measurements of your rag doll. Simply create your pattern, mark it on fabric and hem the fabric so that it doesn't fray. Finally sew the front and back of your garment and you will have clothes made for your rag doll.

    But as this way of making clothes for rag dolls that I have explained to you is very simplified I recommend you to visit the article by How to make Dresses for Rag Dolls.

Finally you will have a clean doll ready to attach its hair and accessories. You can make it as big or as small as you wish.

How to make Rag Dolls

If you have learned How to make easy and cute rag dolls and you already have the basic knowledge it's time for you to get to work and get the materials you need to build your rag doll.

If you want to make your own rag doll, you can do it yourself.

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