[+50 TRICKS] How to SELL in Vinted? BIG!

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Do you want to sell your second hand clothes and earn some money? Are you looking to start your fashion business selling second hand or first hand clothes? Here's how to do it at Vinted in a respectful way.

We invite you to get a discount coupon , just by filling out this form you will receive it in your email so that your first purchase on our website has a discount . The Internet is a wonderful place because it has made it much easier for us to generate money without moving from our home . The

Vinted app for selling second-hand clothes has opened a world to all of us who are fashion lovers and like to sell clothes . In particular , the fact that it is a sale between individuals linked to the fashion sector makes it so interesting , because we all really have a little flirt inside us who likes to look good and share clothes .

In this article we are going to talk about how to do business at Vinted and it is that you had asked but I was hesitant to write about it because it is a controversial topic and not allowed by Vinted although it is currently carried out on the website selling second-hand clothes Vinted .

+50 tricks to Sell More at Vinted

If you also want to know how to sell more in Vined these tricks will definitely lead you to success . After our tests on this selling platform we have realized that selling on Vinted is almost mathematical .

In addition , thanks to its continuous TV ad campaigns , new users who buy are renewed daily . So selling is assured only if you follow our tricks to sell more in Vinted:

- Don't lie in the descriptions .
- Don't sell damaged clothes or products .
- Your product titles should describe the product and be a short title .
- Do a minimum promotion per week to keep your presence active in the application .
- Log in at least once a day . Vinted values online users .
- Always answer all your customers' questions .
- Don't worry about likes and followers , the key is the quality of your photos .
- Treat your future customers politely and sympathetically .
- Measure all products to avoid questions .
- Have a weight to weigh the items and choose the package that corresponds to each order .
- Use labels in the descriptions: #jacket , #pantalon , #vest . . .
- Put the description in Spanish and French .
- Promote your products by sharing them on Facebook .
- If your garment has defects , say so in the description and add photos of them .
- Leave a rating of your customers to buy you again .
- Promote the most beautiful products in your wardrobe .
- Don't spend more than you sell to promote your products .
- Store your products conveniently until they are sold .
- Wrap your packages nicely to show your customers that you care about them .
- Protect your products properly for shipping .
- Don't make your customers wait too long after they have bought a product from you to send it .
- Take pictures of your products with lighting or customers will not be able to see the details of the garment and will not buy .
- Follow users on Vinted to get them to follow you and get followers on Vinted . - Promote your products by sharing them on Instagram .
- Actively participate in Facebook groups about Vinted to let people know about you .
- Stay in the app and stay active on Vinted to promote your sales opportunities .
- Take a profile picture where your face is visible and build trust .
- Make offers to your customers after they bookmark like your product .
- Change your product photos to make it more attractive .
- Take pictures of the clothes on your body so they can see how they look .
- Delete some of your items and upload the product to be turned around and displayed in the gallery .
- Include front , profile and back photos of your product to avoid questions .
- Include the length of the garments and shoes .
- Price your product below the price at which you bought it .
- Describe the state of the product in the description to make it easier for the customer to know how it is . - Putting pictures of the product label will speed up the sale as the customer will be more eager to buy it .
- Don't sell products that you know have a lifetime of use left in them .
- Don't despair of "I like it" , concentrate on the quality of your photos , and the frequency with which they are uploaded .
- Raise the price of those products that sell more for potential profits .

What can be sold at Vinted ?

But I'm going to start at the beginning and it's possible that you are being blocked from selling some of your products from Vinted , so let's see what you can sell at Vinted with the rules of this used clothing sales application and excite possible factors that make it difficult for us to sell to success:

Vinted begins with the phrase "We currently allow women's clothing , footwear and accessories - the items you can wear ". And this has changed because some time ago we saw people selling even technology , cell phone casings , and toys what do they promote in their ads but here they stress that you can't ?

What can't be sold at Vinted ?

For the proper functioning of the used clothing sales platform , Vinted has established some products that cannot be sold . This ensures that we get more profit out of our garments and can sell and buy more safely:

- Imitations imitation bags , imitation colognes , . . .
- Underwear , low , piercings , . . .
- All those make-ups that are in contact with the face .
- And of course , anything that is not fashionable , such as technology or decoration . So we are left with the fact that all we can sell in Vinted is non-underwear .

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