Is Vinted or eBay better for selling second hand online? [My experience]

If you still don't know if you should sell your second-hand items on Vinted or on eBay, then you need to know more information about these two used item sales applications.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
is vinted better than ebay

Doubts may have come to mind at some point about whether eBay is better than Vinted for selling second-hand, it is normal, because in the periods when we sell less on the platforms we always want to look for other alternatives and today I want to tell you the truth about what can and cannot be done on each platform.

Is Vinted or eBay better?

The first difference you need to know between Vinted and eBay is that eBay has a sales commission that recharges the seller and Vinted has no commission for the seller or the buyer. Etsy's commission is from 2% to 11.5% percent.

With this difference, you may have already found out that Vinted seems better to you than eBay. But another very important detail that you have to know is that fashion sells much better on Vinted, especially women's (men's clothing is more difficult to sell), however other items are very difficult to sell and on eBay it's fair. on the contrary, fashion does not sell as well, while other items like technology sell well.

It is also true that on Vinted most of the items they let you sell are fashion, beauty, toys and decoration, while on eBay we can sell all items and they are more permissive in this regard.

However, another quite notable difference between the two platforms is that on eBay despite the fact that the first ads you publish are free (150 free ads per month) after you have exhausted them you will have to pay 0.35 for each ad.

This is another cost that can be added to the cost of selling on eBay. The balance is tipping in favor of Vinted.

But we are going to give eBay a positive point and that is that this platform does not tell you anything if you resell, that is, you can buy and sell, whether you buy new or used second-hand things, you can intervene if you are self-employed but not on Vinted (officially you can't, something else is what is done in practice), except in the country of France where they are beginning to allow sellers to be companies and do resale.

So if you really want to start eBay it may be perfect for you because at Vinted we still have time until the Vinted Pro plan is extended so we can resell items.

Another difference that you should take into account is that at Vinted we have the prepaid shipping label, this means that the customer pays for the shipping and we can now stick the label on the package and send it, something that makes it easier for us to work because in eBay we have to be the ones who manage the shipment with the shipping companies and send the tracking to the customer while the tracking in Vinted automatically notifies the customer so we don't have to tell them that we have sent the package.

On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing if you can sell to other countries from Vinted or eBay you have to know that from eBay you can sell to other countries such as the United Kingdom to the rest of Europe (the same in Depop) but Vinted It is compartmentalized by country and you cannot go abroad, so in the United States we must only sell in the United States if you use Vinted for example.

My experience selling second hand on Vinted and eBay

I can say that I have experience selling second-hand items on Vinted and eBay. Also, in addition to having sold clothes myself on Vinted and on eBay, I have also observed how other people sold other items that were not clothes on eBay to make a more realistic comparison that can help you when choosing whether to stay with Vinted or with eBay.

I want to tell you that Vinted is really positive for selling clothes, especially women's, since it is the site where all women now go to look for second-hand clothes and this is because the APP is in fashion and it is the first site in which people think to buy these clothes. In this way you are more likely to sell and earn money on Vinted, and in my case it has been, I have sold without much effort.

However, on eBay, when it comes to selling used clothes, it is difficult to find the user on the other side to buy clothes from you, however, in other sectors such as technology, it is really easy to sell.

This is my opinion because it is what I have seen and experienced, it is not an opinion that I am making up and I hope it helps you.

Finally, it can be concluded that eBay is more for selling on a large scale, large packs of clothing or items that are not clothing, while Vinted is perfect for selling individual items and in small quantities.

You can always combine both platforms in order to sell more items and in the event that you do not have sales on one platform in a week, then you have them on the other platform.