SHEIN Classy Clothes: what are the most classic and traditional SHEIN brands?

If you are looking for more conservative clothes at SHEIN that you can wear and are not too trendy and not too short or too long then you need to know about the most stylish SHEIN brands.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
shein classy clothes

We really know that SHEIN is a brand that stands out for being very modern, with very short crop-top style clothes and very configured, which is great if we are young people and perhaps without too much fat and we have a style of dress very modern and trendy.

But SHEIN has some brands and types of clothes that are more elegant, that is, with a more conservative style when it comes to dressing.

In this article I tell you which SHEIN brands are the most elegant and how to search SHEIN to find more conservative or traditional clothes.

Type of elegant clothing at SHEIN

Some SHEIN garments are the garments that are normally used in more mature, classic and conservative looks that will be your basics if you want to dress like this:

  • Shirts: shirts are an item that should always be in our wardrobe for any work event or even for day to day. At SHEIN you will also find shirts that will help you achieve that elegant and traditional minimalist style that you want.

  • Blouses: Without a doubt, the most classic garment that mixes trend with the modern are printed hippie-style blouses. They remain comfortable thanks to the fact that they are made of cotton and are elastic garments, the perfect alternative to shirts.

  • Sweaters: Sweaters don't have to be boring. SHEIN has a wide variety of sweaters that have that special touch that fills them with elegance.

  • Skirts: Skirts are a staple in classic-style wardrobes. You can choose long, midi, or short style SHEIN skirts for your clothes for classy people.

  • Dresses: dresses, if they are wide, will always be one of the most comfortable garments. And since they are one piece, you will always be able to save even more on your purchases. SHEIN dresses are very original and come in many different styles. They keep the traditional fashion by not being extremely short.

  • Boots or moccasins: the most classic shoes for women are boots and also moccasins. Mainly without much platform and with a medium heel. You can find them in many models. The colors that will make it easier for you to complete your look are black and brown or beige.

  • Coats: SHEIN coats can also be for classy people or those who want to dress more traditional or elegant without showing as much skin. There are short and long coats. Overall or gabardine style but also quilted.

  • Bags and Accessories: Classic accessories are also part of the SHEIN catalogue. These have very colorful prints but keep that tradition in your style that will make you gain your own character when it comes to dressing.

Brands of classy clothing at SHEIN

There are mainly two clothing brands at SHEIN that are classy, traditional conservative style clothing that you will feel comfortable wearing:

  • Emery Rose: this brand is a traditional SHEIN brand where you will see that the garments are rather wide tending to the oversize cut.

    The success of this brand lies in the fact that it has very cheap prices and really cheap clothes where the main characteristic is ethnic and hippie prints.

    Emery Rose garments will never be short or too tight so they are great for people who want to dress in a more traditional or classic way.

  • Moft: this is the most expensive fashion brand that SHEIN has, it is its Premium clothing brand, and we find in its style classic lines but set in modern designs.

    Moft's clothing style is for you if, unlike Emery Rose, you don't really like prints, but rather you like plain, simple, good quality but classic cut clothes.

    This brand is very similar to the clothing that we will find in ZARA or Mango. Elegant clothing styles that never lose comfort so that you feel appropriate for any occasion.

How to find classy clothes at SHEIN

To find traditional conventional style clothing simply select the clothing item you are looking for from the SHEIN menu. For example "Shirt" and then filter the following elements in the options to avoid getting results of very modern clothes:

  • Select specific styles in the filter options. The most conventional styles are the Bohemian Style, Preppy Style or Elegant Style.

  • Select the length of the garment as: "normal" and also as "long", "midi" and "Knee height".

  • Select larger sizes as larger sizes are looser than smaller sizes. Select in sizes from size M onwards.

  • Select the prices and set a minimum of 8 euros. This is so because the garments with less fabric that are more modern are the cheapest. This way you make sure you avoid this type of clothing in results.

I hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have discovered all the fashion possibilities that SHEIN offers you and that it is not only modern and very short clothing that exists in its catalogue.

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