What shoes go with a PALE PINK dress? [7 Great Ideas] for matching outfits

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Find ideas on what shoes to wear with a pale pink dress. It's time to get that pink dress out of your wardrobe and make it amazing thanks to the best shoe ideas to match them that you'll find in this article.

The pale pink colour is a tone that conveys sweetness, delicacy and femininity. Unlike bubblegum pink or fuchsia, it is easier to combine, although we have to know that in general pink tones are idyllic and most women look good in them, but they are not really easy to combine.

This article will help you whether you want to know what shoes to combine with a pale pink dress for a party, ceremony, or casual for everyday wear as we review the types of shoes and colours that look best with this colour of dress.

What shoes go with a pale pink dress?

There are many different options for shoes to embellish your dress. Take into account these tips to know which shoes to choose: type, materials and colours. Here is an overview.

Types of shoes that go with pink dresses

Flats, sporty, with platforms, ankle boots, with thick or thin heels. There are a wide variety of types of footwear that allow us to play with our looks to make them less boring. These are some of the ones we highlight:

  • Low or flat sandals

    Low or flat sandals are always an interesting choice as a type of footwear if you have to go with your pink dress to an informal meeting with friends, or family or any daily activity.

  • Trainers sneakers

    Trainers for everyday wear and urgent errands combined with an informal pink dress will help you get you everywhere fast with a sporty chic look.

  • Platform shoes

    Platforms are an alternative to heels. They are the comfortable heel, and they help us to look taller but without suffering foot pain.

  • Heels

    The heels that you can combine with your pale pink dress can be strappy heels knotted at the ankle, heels with ankle straps, peep toes or mules. The heel can be thin or wide and will always bring femininity and elegance to the outfit.

Shoe materials that combine with the pale pink dresses

The materials are another interesting factor to take into account when choosing a shoe to combine with our pale pink dress because they give a different touch depending on the one we choose:

- Esparto grass: beige shoes go exceptionally well with pale pink, which is why esparto grass shoes are the perfect match for pale pink dresses.

- Suede: suede is a soft-looking fabric that gives a refined touch to footwear.

- Velvet: velvet is similar to suede but still a fabric that shows more of its softness, making it a good material for your footwear for more formal events.

- Patent leather: Patent leather is the most commonly used material for footwear, imitating leather but cheaper.

- Snake effect: any shoe colour in a snake effect will give a luxurious or rich look to your pale pink dress.

Shoe colours to wear with a pale pink dress

The tones of shoes that go best with pale pink dresses are those sweet and childlike warm tones, pastels and chalky tones, as well as black and white. There are multiple possibilities of colours that you can choose, and even mix them in geometric shoes playing with the types of shoes that we have seen before:

  • Pale pink shoes

    Wearing the same shade of the dress as the shoe colour is a classic, and pale pink dresses are no exception. Wear pale pink heels or mules to match your pale pink dress.

  • Fuchsia shoes

    Pale pink dresses have the advantage of matching perfectly with fuchsia shoes. A pair of pumps in this fanciful shade of purple will be an idyllic match.

  • White shoes

    White and discreet shoes are other tones of shoes that we can use. We can even choose white accessories to complete the outfit if it is a ceremonial dress.

  • Animal print shoes

    The animal print adds a touch of toughness to the look and allows you to combine your pink dress with shoes in various colours such as black and grey, purple and black or other shades.

  • Light blue shoes

    Chalk and pastel shades are doll shades that you can also combine with your pastel pink dress. You can choose a light blue or a pastel green shade that will look perfect with your look.

  • Beige shoes

    Beige or nude shoes are a classic and are never missing. Perfect for heels that create the effect of long legs.

  • Zapatos negros

    Black pumps with ankle straps or pumps with ankle straps are a touch of elegance. You can also opt for more casual shoes with sandals or mules without heels in black.

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