What to ask for your birthday [19 Surprising and Original Ideas]

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Can't think of anything? Find witty ideas about what to ask for my birthday. Ideas of all prices and characteristics to know what to ask for that special day of the year.

A birthday is a very important time of the year that is repeated. That's why, unless they want to surprise us, as time goes by our loved ones run out of ideas about what to get us and tend to ask you what do you want for your birthday?

That moment when family and friends don't know what to get us, it's possible that even we don't know, and the same question comes to mind: what to get for your birthday?

There are an infinite number of products on the market, and it is likely that we don't even have time to look for the answer to the question as it is usually asked very suddenly.

At Perlaica we want to help you in your day to day life. That's why in our blog we share with you interesting contents related to lifestyle and fashion.

Well, in this article we want to give you some surprising ideas, with which you will surely know what to ask for your birthday, and if not, they will surely inspire you and you will immediately think of what you want to get as a present.

What to ask for your birthday?

Before starting with the ideas about what to ask for your birthday, the best way to find out is to ask yourself: what's broken, what will you need next at work, what have you always thought you wanted but never got? If you haven't come up with anything, let's take a look at these ideas that will clear your mind:

  1. Money

    Yes, yes, when we run out of ideas, asking our relatives for money never hurts. Well, when the time comes to invest that money, we will be grateful.

  2. A photo shoot

    How would you like to be made up, styled and made beautiful for a photo shoot? Well this can be done. It's an amazing gift idea to ask for and really enjoy.

  3. A month at the gym

    Another things to ask for on your birthday is a month at the gym, because if you're overweight this will motivate you to go to the gym.

  4. A dinner or lunch at a restaurant

    Do you have a new restaurant in mind that has opened but is expensive? It's time to ask your loved ones for a birthday present! Put it on your list.

  5. A new mobile phone or tablet

    That thing that we always use and almost always breaks are mobiles or tablets. Look for a model that meets the conditions you need and it will also be a good gift.

  6. A camera

    Have you developed a love of photography? A new camera will help you start taking amazing pictures. How about as a gift?

  7. A dress for that event near you

    We always have a wedding, christening or communion coming up that we haven't had the money to buy a dress for. Take your family or friends shopping to buy you the best one for your birthday.

  8. A new laptop

    If you are one of those people who like to work with computers and your gift givers have a big budget, a new computer is a good option.

  9. A new pair of shoes

    We always want shoes, and there's always a new pair of shoes that catches our eye. Put them on your gift list.

  10. A new bag

    If you don't know what you want as a gift, a bag is always a good option as sooner or later the ones we have will wear out and a new bag will help us with that.

  11. A spa session

    Suffering from stress at work? Ask for a spa session for your birthday and enjoy a day to yourself and to relax.

  12. A concert ticket

    The best gifts can always be unique experiences, so a concert ticket to see your favourite singer is a gift you will never forget.

  13. Gold earrings or necklace

    Gold is a detail that never goes bad. There are some real beauties out there. It's perfect if your boyfriend asks you what you want for your birthday, start choosing!

MEGA original items what to ask for on your birthday

But you can also take a look at all these super original products that are ideal for ordering for your birthday. There are 10 products that you can find on Aliexpress that are very original, and not often seen, so they will make you happy:

1. Facial Epilator: forget about long sessions of facial hair removal with tweezers or waxes, because with this simple and small device you can get rid of all the hair in a few seconds.

2. Tooth whitener: we really can all have whiter teeth! And without going to the dentist, we can whiten them with this super simple and painless device.

3. Stand for your tablet: studying with a tablet can be a risky experience because you have to hold it for hours on end. With a tablet stand your problem will be solved.

4. Computer hand warmer: it is very common to suffer from cold in winter when we are calmly using our computer, this super original hand warmer will serve to give you a great use and put an end to this problem.

5. Original keyboard: bring a bit of glamour to your office or room with an original keyboard full of colours, creativity at its best!

6. Original pouffe: do you like original shapes and fun decoration? An original pouffe can ensure comfortable hours in your room to study, rest, read, use your laptop, play games or listen to music.

7. Electric eyelash curler: no need to suffer when curling your eyelashes if you use an electric eyelash curler. A more modest gift that will change your look completely and enlarge your eye quickly and comfortably.

8. Minidrone: access and record hidden places without arousing suspicion with a minidrone. Beautiful and fun at the same time, you can spend hours and hours handling it and filming with it.

9. Mini waterproof camera: can you imagine a summer capturing on video everything you do or the bottom of the sea? Capture your best moments by asking for a high definition mini aquatic camera, also called Go Pro, for your birthday.

10. Wireless headphones: Wireless headphones are in fashion, you can take them wherever you want thanks to their Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone and they are quickly charged via USB.

Do you already have that gift to ask for your birthday? I'm sure you do. We invite you to keep reading our blog articles and don't miss all the good fashion and lifestyle tips we give you. See you in the next article!