Where is there a physical SHEIN store? [List Updated 2022]

Find out where you can physically buy SHEIN clothing in their stores in this updated list of their stores.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Editor and manager of trending digital content.
where is shein shop

It is true that SHEIN currently ships orders from its online store to more than 150 countries around the world, including the US, Latin America, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East.

However, we always want to try on our clothes in person before buying, but where is a physical SHEIN store ?

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Types of physical SHEIN stores

SHEIN has two types of physical stores where we can buy your clothes:

- Ephemeral stores or Pop up Stores : these are temporary stores that SHEIN installs in city stores from time to time throughout the year. Normally, these stores last a few weeks and their objective is to strengthen SHEIN's brand branding, that is, to strengthen its status and knowledge as a clothing brand of Chinese origin.

Normally in these Pop Up Stores, they invite large influencers with many followers to give their brand a reputation.

- Physical stores : Physical stores so far have not been something that SHEIN has wanted very much to have. This is because its online sales model is really productive with very fast sales and having physical stores in the world would make your product more expensive and lose its appeal to customers, and we don't want that, right?

Updated list of physical SHEIN stores

Although there are currently few SHEIN stores that exist in the world, this list will be updated with the new stores that SHEIN makes available to us:

  1. Where are there SHEIN stores in Spain

    In Spain there is a SHEIN store in the Shana store in Roselló (Barcelona, ​​Spain).

    The Shana store is a store in Spain that in 2018 went into a loss and was bought by Modatext Punt, and although today it has almost no stores in Spain, the one in Barcelona will be one where people can return garments from SHEIN and others can buy them at the same price as in store.

  2. Where are there SHEIN stores in the United States

    There is currently no SHEIN store in the United States, although they do receive Pop Up Stores more frequently.

  3. Where are there SHEIN stores in the European Union

    There is currently no SHEIN store in the European Union.

  4. Where are there SHEIN stores in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, ...)

    There is currently no SHEIN store in Latin American countries at this time.

As you can see, there are currently not many physical SHEIN stores where you can buy their product. However, remember that you can always buy in their online store choosing their garments well taking into account the comments of users so as not to make a mistake when choosing the garment.

Where to find out if there are new physical SHEIN stores

To find out where there are new SHEIN Pop Up Stores or temporary stores, it will be SHEIN who will communicate it on its own website through visual advertising or in its newsletter.

On the other hand, knowing about new SHEIN physical stores is more difficult and we can only find out about it through news from online newspapers.

Therefore, it is interesting to be connected with digital news to know if there will soon be a new SHEIN physical store in your city.

I invite you to continue reading more content about SHEIN and learn more about how to buy in this store.