Where to buy clothes for TALL? [7 shops to buy from]

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Everything is too small or too small for you? I know what you mean. Find out where I buy my clothes for tall girls in this article where you will find the best list of shops and brands.

I've been wanting to write this article for a long time. Being a tall woman through life and wanting to find clothes that fit you is not an easy task. So, since I'm almost in my thirties and I've finally managed to find shirts, trousers and shoes in my size, I had to share it with the rest of the world.

So I'm going to tell you where you can buy the best clothes for tall girls, you'll find both clothing for tall and plump women and clothing for tall and slim women. Read on if you, like me, who is 5'6" tall, see yourself reflected in these problems:

- In winter you get cold because your trousers don't fit and your ankles are exposed.

- Shirts and coats that come down to your wrists.

- Shirts and coats that reach your wrists? Yes of course, if you buy three sizes up, the sleeve will reach your wrists but your body will be wrapped in 3 sizes more than you have.

- Swimwear for the beach? Forget it because it's not long enough for you, bikini is better.

- The bodysuit never buckles because you're very very very long, and if you stretch it they'll end up strangling you.

- The shoes you love are never available in your size in the shops (although luckily there are women's shops).

- The shoes you fall in love with are never available in your size in the shops (although luckily there are tall women with normal sized feet).

- Dresses or skirts, not that you bend down and you can show all your attributes.

Maybe I've left out a problem... But that's what I've experienced with clothes. When I was young in high school I was short, one day I decided to grow up and here I am now. Now I'm hitting my head on the top bar of the bus. Thank goodness there's a solution for everything!

Tall girls struggling with today's fashions

There are online shops that have saved us tall girls from living in eternal unhappiness because of our clothing problems.

We need special lengths and we go from shop to shop trying on clothes in frustration because nothing fits, and where people put their knees in their trousers we have to put our thighs... and of course, the clothes don't fit.

We live in a continuous standardisation of fashion. If you are a girl between 1.65 and 1.75 metres tall, you can save yourself, as you have all the Inditex shops under your domain, because their clothes are for women of this height.

All we have to do is look at Inditex's offers for photo models. The requirements for these models are those of a normal girl (no disrespect, sometimes I wish I was normal height).

So we just have to adapt and the Internet has opened up a world of happiness for us to discover numerous new shops that not only include a "Curvy" section for plus-size women, but there was someone charitable who said what if there are tall women? and put a section in their online shops.

Here is a personal reflection, and it is impressive that the models in the catalogues of the big brands are tall and then what arrives in the shops of any Spanish town or village are clothes for women who are nowhere near as tall as the models.

If we join this difficulty to find clothes that give us our height and join it to the different characteristics of women: big breasts, small breasts, plump, very thin,... the task becomes even more complex.

In my case, my handicap is that I have a back a little wider than my waist and a small chest, this makes it more difficult for me to find bras and wear shirts (after reading this you might think I'm a deformed monster hahahahahah).

Online shops and brands that sell clothes for tall women

Let's take a look at the list of online shops and brands that support tall women who want to wear clothes for their height and not die trying:

  • Pantalones Frame

    And that's why I love Karlie Kloss, the Victoria's Secret model who, as well as being a model, collaborated with the brand Frame to create special long trousers for tall women. However, this brand is very expensive and I want to give you cheaper solutions because tall people's clothes are usually quite expensive.

  • Pantalones Lloyds

    My favourites! LLoyds trousers, a brand created by El Corte Inglés has the best quality and length trousers that I think exist. They are one of those trousers that enhance your bum and you can wear them 3 times a week and they hardly lose the look of when you bought them. Not to mention that they make you look slimmer and slimmer because of the pattern they have.

    But there are also negative things and the longest length I know of that they have available for us very very tall women to buy is my height, I'm 1.80 and they fit me perfectly, but they don't sell longer lengths.

    The prices of these trousers are a bit high, but I usually buy one pair a year, and the truth is that you can wear them for 5 or 6 years without losing quality, it's a great investment!

  • Zalando

    Well, I think that of all the shops I'm going to talk about, this is the only one I haven't bought from. Maybe because it's a bit more expensive than the rest, but the good thing is that they sell clothes for tall women with a lot of variety as they have a section just for that: dresses, trousers, skirts, swimming costumes,.... a bit of everything. This marketplace sells clothes from multiple brands, and during the sales it's time to take a look at everything they have to offer and make a killing for the whole season.

  • Asos

    I love Asos, I really do. A few days ago and taking advantage of the sales I ordered some clothes, opting for shoes in my size which I have a 41.5, although depending on the manufacturer it is a relatively complex size to find, and several other items that I bought. I was surprised how easy it is to make returns, you get your money back super fast and it's all very simple.

    It's also like Zalando which sells other brands as a marketplace, and there is a Tall section where they also sell everything and at very good quality

    The clothes are a bit cheaper than in Zalando, but you can take advantage of the sales or their outlet section to find some great bargains.

  • Deichmann

    I like Deichmann a lot because in this shoe shop I discovered that there were shoes in size 41 and 42 that could also be beautiful and of high quality. I recommend you to visit their shops in your city or their online shop.

    I warn you that not all shoes in the same size will fit you, as different models in the same size may be made by different manufacturers and may not fit you properly.

  • Boohoo

    Boohoo's clothes are very edgy and daring. The great thing about this online shop is that as well as being the perfect place on the internet to save money on clothes, it also has a section for tall women's clothing.

    The clothes you'll find are quite beautifully designed. You have to be careful with sizing because they usually size below the size mark and for trousers it's complex. Except for one model most of them have run small, but for skirts and tops it's ideal, especially because of how pretty they are.

    The shipping costs are seven euros, but if you order a large order you won't even notice you're paying for it.

  • Missguided

    Missguided is an online shop with clothes whose designs are similar to Boohoo's and even better. Shipping costs are cheaper than Boohoo and their clothes for tall women are stunning. Very American style clothes that will stock your wardrobe and make you fall in love with it and finally not hate shopping for clothes because you are a tall girl.

I hope in this article I have helped you to find tall girls clothes and that you make your purchase very soon and look fabulous as I started to look when I knew that someone understood my height. See you in the next article!

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